1. Is this hand washable or machine washable?

It supports both. You can machine wash it, just make sure to remove the power. 

2. Is the jacket water resistant?

Yes the jacket can take on water and is resistant, keeping you staying warm and comfortable. 

3. What type of Power Bank is needed and can i use my own?

The minimum requirements is 10,000 mAH which is standard. You can definitely use your own as it is a USB and should work with all power banks.

4. Where are the heating pads located?

They are located on both sides of the Abdomen, the top of the neck, and mid back.

5. Do you wear it as a base layer or can you wear it with another jacket?

You can do either. Many people wear it under a jacket for winter activities while others also wear it as an accessory over their long sleeve. 

6. How long will the battery last?

Standard power bank should last 3-5 hours depending on which mode it is on.

7. What are the modes?

Red Light = High

White Light = Medium

Blue Light = Low

8. How long does shipping take?

Especially during the winter months we have very high demand, so it can take anywhere for 2-4 weeks dependent on the current demand.

9. Does the Heated Vest come with a power bank?

No it does not come with a personal power bank but we do offer one that you can buy along with. Either way you should be able to buy a useable power bank at any of your local stores. 

10. How do i turn it on?

The power button is located near one of the hand pockets. There are two power buttons for the back area and the frontal area. You are to hold down each of the buttons for 2 seconds to configure the heat settings. 

Any other questions can be sent to techadoobiz@gmail.com